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Welcome to the ultimate one-week bicycle challenges in 2017!

Hell Week, with adventures in Texas (the original) this year, offers between 600 and 860 miles of riding in 8 days (and maybe more if you're really adventurous).

Our slogan is "Eight Days A Week," because at Hell Week, eight days make one week (OK, so we're in our own time zone, but who's counting?) This format fits nicely into professional calendars because you can slip away from work for a week without having to dip too far into your vacation time.

Texas Hell Week is the original, and is now looking at its 27th anniversary in 2017 (March 11-18). Located in Fredericksburg TX, hundreds of riders have been coming to this German hamlet for some of the best rural riding this side of Eden. Type of Event: Base Camp. Difficulty Rating: 3.0

Texas Hell Week Brevets are scheduled to coincide with Texas Hell Week, with a 200K on Monday 13th, 200K/300K on Wednesday 15th, and 200K/300K on Friday 17th March 2015. Type of Event: Brevet; Unsupported. Difficulty Rating: 2

Gator Country Hell Week has run for 18 years as a fully-supported tour of central and south Florida. On hiatus for 2016-2017. We launched a new route a couple of years ago, and are pleased to offer it again for 2014-2015. Stat/Finish is in Clermont FL, about 20 miles west of Orlando. At a time when nearly everyone else is bemoaning the cold and snow, GCHW provides a chance to break away and experience what the weather should be like in winter. Type of Event: Fully-Supported Tour. Difficulty Rating: 2.0

New! Zia Hell Week is in its first year in 2015, with a fully-supported tour of New Mexico starting and finish in Albuquerque. The tour runs 23 - 30 May, with daily mileages of 80-100 miles. The first leg of the tour utilizes long stretches of old Route 66 as it goes through Grants and Gallup, and then returns via a different route much of the way to Albuquerque. The route then turns north to Santa Fe and Taos, where we will spend one daydoing the legendary Enchanted Circle Tour route through Red River. Every mile of the tour is above 5000 feet in elevation, ensuring the heat of summer will be beneath us. Difficulty Rating: 3.0

You can register online for Hell Week, as well as buy our very cool logowear. You can safely use your credit card with our Paypal payment gateway, and sign up for the ultimate events in cycling. Scan the pages describing our events, and join us for the rides of your life!

Thanks for visiting hellweek.com, and may we see you on the bike soon!

Your Hosts,

Nick and Becky Gerlich

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  • Providing fun since 1991
  • Over 50 Hell Weeks to date
  • RAAM tandem finishers (1993)
  • Founders of RAIN (1987)

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  • Cheese Country (WI)
  • Viva Las Vegas
  • Four Corners
  • Trans-Texas

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