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We offer a variety of 200K and 300K brevets, all in association with our other events. At Texas Hell Week each March, we offer a 200K on Monday, and then a 200K and 300K each on Wednesday and Friday. These are very challenging and scenic tours of Texas Hill Country, and utlize some of the roads also used on our regular daily routes. The longer distances of the brevets allow us to go farther, though, and thus explore some areas not regularly seen by the rest of TXHW riders.

During our Gator Country Hell Week each winter, we ofer 200K options on both 31st December and 1st January. This allows randonneurs seeking R-12 classification (through RUSA) to notch a pair of 200Ks in quick order. These routes follow our standard distance for the day as we journey from motel to motel, but with additional miles at the end of the day.

The 300K brevets require RUSA-approved lighting and reflective gear. Most of our brevet riders come prepared for night on the 200K rides as well, although these routes can easily be finished in daylight. The spirit of randonneuring is self-sufficiency, meaning that proper planning (for the weather as well as nutrition and fluid requirements) is necessary.

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  Brevet Schedule:
  • 14 Mar: Fredericksburg 200K
  • 16 Mar: Junction 200K
  • 16 Mar: Junction 300K
  • 18 Mar: Fredericksburg 200K
  • 18 Mar: Fredericksburg 300K

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